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Barbershop Conversations: F.A.D.E.

One of NRP's cornerstone programs is the Barbershop Conversations: F.A.D.E. (Fruitful African-American Discussions on Empowerment) series. In response to low voter turnout among Black men, NRP created this barbershop series to bring the discussion of voting and community involvement to the place that many black men are familiar with: the barbershop. 

By meeting Black men where they are at, F.A.D.E. highlights three things: the power of voting, the community initiatives that they want to accomplish, and their ability to be the solution to the challenges within their communities.  

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What do our younger community members have to say What issues that are important to them I

Young People's Conversations

What's important to younger generations? What unique challenges do they face? What kind of conversations are young people wanting to participate in?

Allow us to introduce you to our solution: Young People's Conversations. By giving younger generations the space to speak, we can better understand their concerns and develop strategies address those concerns. From entrepreneurship through the millennials and Gen Z lens to combatting mis- and disinformation, these conversations enable future leaders to voice their thoughts.

Young People's Conversations is the start to giving young people the opportunity to start having important conversations and empower them to become civically engaged leaders in their community.

Front Porch Conversations 

Our Front Porch Conversations series is a part of our initiative to further voter engagement within rural North Carolina. Why guess what's stop people from voting when we can ask them?


Canvassers talk with community members within rural NC and get them the space to share their experiences. At the same time, we use these opportunities to share local resources and upcoming events. This mutual exchange is how we work to unleash the full potential of rural North Carolina.

What do our younger community members have to say What issues that are important to them I
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