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Jamie Hildreth

Jamie Hildreth is currently an associate for a global asset management firm based out of Pennsylvania. Outside of financial services, he has several years of experience working in the North Carolina political and nonprofit sectors. He has worked for many campaigns including President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, the late Kay Hagan’s 2014 US Senate re-election campaign, and the campaigns of Larry Kissell and Cheri Bustos for the US House of Representatives. He also has provided consulting services for several NC House and local municipal officials. In addition to his campaign work, Jamie has been a State Executive Committee Member of the North Carolina Democratic Party and served on the board of the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party. Jamie is an active leader in Charlotte’s LGBTQ community where he has previously served on the boards of Charlotte Pride and MeckPAC and currently serves on the board of Charlotte’s Stonewall Sports Chapter and the Farewell to Summer Foundation. He is also currently providing contracting services to Equality NC as the Charlotte Civic Engagement Coordinator.
In 2019, Jamie completed Front Line Leaders Academy of the Young Elected Officials Network and People for the American Way Foundation. The Foundation and Network aim to build campaign professionals who win elections and create a new progressive political system for a truly representative government and deliver for marginalized communities. Jamie believes in finding the intersection of each community to build a system of equity that lifts all tides.
Jamie is a native of Wadesboro, North Carolina at the center of New Rural Project’s service area. He moved to Charlotte in 2008 to obtain a Political Science Degree from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. He has a brother, a sister, and two nieces and often splits his time between Charlotte and Anson County visiting friends and family.

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