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Barbershop Conversations: F.A.D.E.

One of NRP's cornerstone programs is the F.A.D.E. Barbershop Conversations series. F.A.D.E. (Fruitful African-American Discussions on Empowerment). In response to low voter turnout among Black men, NRP created this barbershop series to bring the discussion of voting and community involvement to the place that many black men are familiar with: the barbershop. 

By meeting Black men where they are at, F.A.D.E. highlights three things: the power of voting, the community initiatives that they want to accomplish, and their ability to be the solution to the challenges within their communities.  

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Young People's Conversations

The youth inherit the political landscape of those before them. By the time they are able to vote, there have been at least 17 elections that have shaped the lives they live. What political issues are important to our young people? How do these issues compare to those of older generations?

These questions and more need to be discussed. This the purpose behind our Young People's Conversations series.  
This initiative gives the youth the opportunity to hear from one another. By engaging with the youth, Young People's Conversations strives to increase voter turnout across the young demographics. 

Advocacy Forum 

Rural communities have less access to quality healthcare and vaccinations.  Many of these communities have suffered the loss of local hospitals and have limited access to medical specialists and tele-health.
NRP is active in supporting COVID-19 vaccine events during the pandemic.  We also plan to launch new initiatives to help improve health outcomes through healthcare education, health insurance information, and resources to rural communities.